Interview – Raashan Ahmad

Quelques questions posées à Raashan Ahmad à l’occasion de son concert gratuit en mai dernier à la Villa Massalia à Marseille organisé par Ysaé (Thanks couz!)

- 1 (RC- Ben) You’re actually on tour. what about your band Crown City Rockers, you stay connected with them to work?
Can we hope a new LP or an european tour?

R.A : YES! We definitely stay connected. We are actually still doing shows together but mostly closer to home,we are currently working on a record and hopefully we can tour in Europe soon too!

- 2 (RC- Ben) Can you explain how you founded Mission/Crown City Rockers?
R.A : I actually joined the crew when I moved to Boston where most of the members were going to music school.We met through jam sessions around boston (at house parties, bars, basements) after playing in different places together we decided to form a band.

- 3 (RC- Ben) On stage : DJ or Band? what do you prefer to perform?
R.A : Both! I LOVE the energy of a live band and being able to shift the show with each person in the band and at the same time as an M.C. I love the challenge of moving a crowd with just a D.J. straight boom bap…

- 4 (RC- Ben) what do you listen in new generation of Hip Hop artists? the last LP you bought?
R.A : Really feeling alot of music…Blu, Tanya Morgan, Currensy, Fashawn, Shad, Homeboy Sandman, Rita J, Pac Div, Wale…seriously the list goes on and on…

- 5 (RC- DrJ) How did you meet Dj Moar and TradVibes?
R.A : MYSPACE! haha…seriously though. He hit me up and we collaborated on a 12″ the vibe was there and we did a couple more songs and when I went to France for the 1st time to tour he organized it and was my D.J.

- 6 (RC- DrJ) When i first listened your album at Betino’s, I thought it sounds like an 90′s hip hop record (Cool, jazzy and fun). Not the kind of sound we used to listened now.
R.A : Yeah, I definitely like that vibe. I didn’t really go for that when I made it I just wanted to make a record that reflected me and also to make a collaborative effort with other artists and musicians.

- 7 (RC- AxL) What is the best show you ever saw?
R.A : hmmmm maybe Sade? or Lee Fields…NO..GHOSTFACE!!! then again it’s gotta be KRS 1! yeah…well…or Bjork…or De La Soul! I cant say…so many :)

- 8 (RC- AxL) If you would have to say 3 names that represents MUSIC, who are they?
R.A : Bob Marley, Prince, John Coltrane

- 9 (RC- AxL) You were in Japan during the tragedy, do you think this could have an influence on your work? A song maybe?
R.A : Definitely and Yes (stay tuned)

- 10 (RC- Zilus) What means the three letters R A P for you ?
R.A : Rhythm and Poetry

- 11 (RC- Zilus) Which relation do you have to your songs, what are they generally talking about ?
R.A : Sometimes they are really personal and about myself and sometimes my songs are influenced by conversations with friends or people I meet.

- RC- Thanks Raashan! See you soon! Peace!

Vous pouvez retrouver le dernier album de Raashan Ahmad « For What You’ve Lost (Limited) » en vente sur Trad Vibe Record et n’hésitez pas à vous procurer les précédents qui déboitent aussi…

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  1. Nic'o(HM) dit :

    Yeah! Rhythm n Poetry 4 sure!!!

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