Paten Locke – Interview

RC – What do you listen in new generation of Hip Hop artists? the last LP you bought?
Paten Locke – um, i check for jay electronica, doom, nas, yaknow i like this cat cyhi da prince…i think hes on kanyes label…i like alot of what i hear, i also dont like a lot of ish as well…i was checking some blogs for a bit but they just started endorsin all these new cats who rime over techno and r and b synth beats…i aint with all that…

RC – What is the best show you ever saw?
Paten Locke – run dmc.

RC – If you would have to say 3 names that represents MUSIC, who are they?
Paten Locke – James Brown, Stevie Wonder aaand Pete Rock.

RC – What means the three letters R A P for you ?
Paten Locke – The r is for raw, the a is for application, the p is me. Paten ha!

RC – Which relation do you have to your songs, what are they generally talking about ?
Paten Locke – The view of the world thru my eyes

RC – Can you explain when and how you met Edan? Can we hope an LP in collab? Another european tour?
Paten Locke – E and I met in boston…mutual friends and i knew he was the man with all the records…so i went over his crib and weve been friends since…
We have talked of working on some things as well as a tour again in europe soon

RC – What is the purpose of your collaboration ? How do you work together?
Paten Locke – The purpose is to give folksa gret show that is based on the fundamentals of hiphop and the idea that 2 is the magic number…at the moment
We work well together…we are friends for real…hes detail oriented…i am as well…so we see things similiarly and if not we know how to communicate ideas…

RC – What do you think of music industry and its expectations? What do you expect from it?
Paten Locke – I dont think of it and i dont expect anything in life.

RC – How do you use internet in your work?
Paten Locke – Its how i am able to be in contact with wonderful people like yourself who live halfway across the globe…its great …it has its downside…but the net is great for getting the music and ideas out

RC – Can you describe the spirit of Tres Records? How did you meet them?
Paten Locke – Again, really good people…they were familiar with the fact i was in a group called asamov, as well as djing for mr lif and akrobatik…and my other group smile rays, and the production…they were aware of all that…and they liked what i was doing so they asked me to put a record out with them…i like working with them, the guy who runs it is a friend of mine as well.

RC – Your dope lp’s « Super Ramen Rocketship » was very influenced by 90′hip hop like « auto-reverse » or « ventilation » Which way will be your next LP? Like « Super Ramen Rocketship », will you work alone for productions?
Paten Locke – I dont know what the next record will sound like, but i waont put it out unless i think its great…hopefully yall will dig it…i will probably have some otside producers this go round…since my friends are so dope..but i dunno, maybe not

RC – What about your work with Dillon?
Paten Locke – Ill always work with dillon…he is my little brother for real for real…there will never be a time that i am not working on something with dillon…hes a great dude, great friend and craaaazy talented writer and creator….

RC – Thanks Paten, come back in south france (Marseille!!?) we’ll be there! Wish you the best! Peace!
Paten Locke – Thank you for the interview take care france hope to see you soon

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