Donde esta la discoteca ? – DJ Inspecta and Ride One

DJ Inspecta and Ride One hail from Marseille, France and have been fixtures in the southern French drum and bass scene for years. « Donde esta la discoteca? » rides the warm breeze blowing in off the mediterranean, delivering 5 latin-infused rollers, including a cheeky remix of the well-known lounge classic « It’s not ununsual ».

Donde esta la discoteca ?

01 – brother / Inspecta & Ride One (nothing to scratch /mars exist)
02 – cuba libre / Inspecta & Ride One (nothing to scratch /mars exist)
03 – it’s not unusual / Inspecta remix (nothing to scratch /mars exist)
04 – lullaby / Inspecta & Ride One feat. ai-ma (nothing to scratch /mars exist)
Ruffnecks revenge
05 – Hipsteppin / inspecta & Ride One feat. mc Jamalski (ozore age / pias)
Remix pour Nasser
06 – Inspecta & Bob Rider – La chose remix

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